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Fonderia d'Arte Massimo Del Chiaro, the Excellence of bronze

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Couriers

To reduce the impact of the spread of Covid-19, our Government has imposed strict rules on behaviour in and access to workplaces.

Please be informed that, with effect from 15 October 2021, pursuant to the provisions of current legislation (Law Decree no. 127/2021), aimed at ensuring the safe performance of work activities, access to the Foundry, even if only to the Foundry yard, will require that you have the Covid-19 green certificate and that you submit this certificate to the inspectors at their request

Those who do not have or fail to submit valid certification (so-called “green pass”) will not be allowed into the Foundry.

Citizens coming from non-EU countries vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognised by the EMA, or equivalent on the basis of the Ministry of Health circular letter issued on 23 September 2021, must show their country's vaccination certificate. This certificate must fall within the parameters set out in the same circular letter.

Citizens coming from non-EU countries vaccinated with a vaccine that is not recognised by the EMA, or is not equivalent, or unvaccinated individuals, will have to be swabbed. In any case, these citizens, not having the Italian taxpayer identification number, will not have the “green pass” but a paper document.

We are certain you will understand.

Best Regards

Fonderia d'Arte Massimo Del Chiaro

Trasparenza ex art.1 comma 125 bis L.124/2017

La legge 124/2017, Legge annuale per il mercato e la concorrenza, all’ art. 1 comma 125 bis per coloro che svolgono un’attività imprenditoriale, (sia imprese individuali che di società), ha disposto l’obbligo di rendere note le sovvenzioni, i sussidi, vantaggi, contributi o aiuti, in denaro o in natura, erogati dalle pubbliche amministrazioni (Stato, dagli Enti locali, dalle CCIAA, …).

Esercizio 2020

Norma riferimento DECRETO-LEGGE 8 aprile 2020, n. 23
Soggetto erogante Banca del Mezzogiorno MedioCredito Centrale S.p.A.
Importo del contributo ricevuto Garanzia su finanziamento di euro 25.000
Data di incasso …./…./2020


Scarica il riepilogo degli aiuti di Stato ricevuti in formato PDF

Fonderia d'Arte Massimo Del Chiaro

News & Events

Anche la Fonderia Del Chiaro al Festival del Cinema di Venezia

Anche la Fonderia Del Chiaro al Festival del Cinema di Venezia


Il Premio Mercurio d’Argento, opera in bronzo e argento realizzata nell’atelier di Pietrasanta, è stato assegnato nel corso della kermesse veneziana a Federico Savina, con il patrocinio di ACMF (Associazione Compositori Musica per Film) e del Comune di Massa.

Maestro Andrea Boccelli came to visit the Fonderia D'Arte Massimo Del Chiaro

Maestro Andrea Boccelli came to visit the Fonderia D'Arte Massimo Del Chiaro


Outstanding visit. Maestro Andrea Boccelli came to visit us in order to check the status of the creation of his portrait sculpture, currently being processed in our workshop. He visited the foundry accompanied by Barbara, Roberto and Franco Del Chiaro. It was a great honour to have had him as our special guest.

Lotte, queen of an island in the Northern lands

Lotte, queen of an island in the Northern lands


The scanner enters into the foundry to reproduce the stone where the beautiful Lotte, queen of an island in the Northern lands, will be seated.

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Who we are

As a result of the long experience and proven worth of Massimo Del Chiaro using the ancient method of "lost wax", (the only method of production he endorses, a process which he has successfully employed since 1948), he has earned a reputation internationally for his thoroughness and for the highest quality of works of art.

Planned according to the most modern utilization of space the Foundry occupying an area of 7.000 square meters, was subdivided into spacious and well equipped studios and workshops, at the disposal, gratis, of the sculptors, with all the necessary assistance. An area was set aside to create a pleasant park for relaxing or to photograph the sculpture already patinated, and also there is a large open area with a 12 metres crane for assembling works of colossal dimensions.

Latest art works

David of Michelangelo
Cavallino Rampante
Grande Cobra
Francesco Baracca

Request an estimate

All the requested estimates are provided free of charges and without any obligation to the artist.

To obtain an estimate it is sufficient to provide us with a drawing or a photo of the work to be reproduced, sent by mail, fax or e-mail, specifying the height, width and depth and the requested finishing for the bronze sculptures, for example normal or smooth.