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Creating sculpture

To produce a finished bronze require many complicated steps as follows: in moldmaking workshop a rubber mold is made on the model provide by the artist:

Moldmaking workshop. Rubber molds in foreground and in the background, plaster models of classical statues as: Laocoonte head, Our Lady head, Costanza Bonarelli bust, various anatomical details, etc.

In the wax workshop the original model of the artist is translated into wax, and then retouched:

Workshop for retouching in wax. At work on the wax sarcophagus, life size, showing Sister "Maria Domenica B. Barbantini", the founder of the Minister Of The Sicks. Work by sculptor Bruno Lucchesi.

After baking in the kiln, the sculpture is poured in bronze in the foundry. In our foundry the technique of lost wax fusion has been developed to be able to cast a complete statue two metres high in only one piece:

Foundry workshop. The melted bronze is poured from the ladle into the molds for statues. Take note of the large dimension of molds.

All bronze sculptures are finished entirely by hand by our skilled craftsmen:

Massimo Del Chiaro and bronze reproduction of statue of the "David", as per the original made by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

At the completion of the work the sculpture is patinated according to the preference of artists, choosing among a vast assortment of colours and finishes:

Patination of "Warrior", 3,8 metres high, work by sculptor Fernando Botero.

When the finished work is completed and ready for shipment, our office offers the necessary assistance with the preparation of all documents and any required information for importing or exporting sculptures from and to all parts of the world.