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The Working Of Bronze

This phase actually includes various operations, in this order:
- sand-blast cleaning (with compressed air), or else the total cleaning of the bronze surface of every residual waste of refractory earth;
- the welding for the assembling of its components when the sculpture has been cast in various pieces;
- the finishing touches, or else the restoring of the original aspect of the surface by eliminating all the joints and fastenings used for the pouring, and any possible fins or imperfections, caused by the cracking of the refractory. This phase also includes satinizing and chiselling.
Chiselling is carried out on sculptures which have exceptionally detailed surfaces. It is not only a slow and patient job but it also so very meticulous that for every sculpture special iron instruments made for the purpose are needed: each surface, or detail of it, requires chisels that have been specially conceived and/or structured to be able to do the work.