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“Zero Kilometer” Art at Christmas

“Zero Kilometer” Art at Christmas

A Christmas in art and an original interpretation of the “short-chain” philosophy for Forte dei Marmi. This Tuscan city, famous for its golden beaches and VIP guests, symbol of sober elegance in vacationing and entertainment, has chosen to celebrate the 2011 Christmas season with cooperation as its motto and one of Versilia’s most significant cultural treasures as its expression: contemporary bronze sculpture. The initiative, which started with an idea by the Fonderia d’Arte Massimo Del Chiaro and the Del Chiaro Art Connection project and the sponsorship of the City of Forte dei Marmi, has involved several of the city’s commercial concerns and area artists. The result? Alongside the traditional decorations, wreaths, and garlands, the city is decked out for the holiday season with beautiful bronze sculptures in the shopping streets and several shops.

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