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Maestro Andrea Boccelli came to visit the Fonderia D'Arte Massimo Del Chiaro

Outstanding visit. Maestro Andrea Boccelli came to visit us in order to check the status of the creation of his portrait sculpture, currently being processed in our workshop. He visited the foundry accompanied by Barbara, Roberto and Franco Del Chiaro. It was a great honour to have had him as our special guest.


News York Times - Craftsmanship

News York Times - Craftsmanship

Art become reality in Italy.
For centuries the craftspeople of Pietrasanta have translated artists' ideas into marble and bronze


Visit of the Ing. Gabriele Allievi A.D. Bosch on the occasion of award Barsanti - 18 May 2019

Premio Barsanti e Matteucci - 18 Maggio 2019


Oslo Business Peace Awards 2019

La consegna dell'Oslo Business Peace Awards 2019. Il premio, opera dell'artista Bruce Naigles, è stato realizzato presso la nostra fonderia.
Il premio viene assegnato annualmente dalla Businness for Peace Foundation a coloro che si impegnano a raggiungere eticamente un valore economico che crei valore per la società.


FONDERIA D'ARTE MASSIMO DEL CHIARO - video of bronze fusion, April 2019

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We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the exhibition Le Sette Meraviglie della Toscana in the context of the Mostra dell'Artigianato in Florence.
You can find us from  24 April 2019 to 1 May 2019 at the Fortezza da Basso.
We'll be expecting you.
Video created by DANAE PROJECT


MERCURIO D'ARGENTO PRIZE, model in resin, photo by Alessio Bazzichi, 17/04/2019

Premio Mercurio d'Argento - Agosto 2019

A tradition that renews itself over time is the attention and support that the Fonderia d’Arte Massimo Del Chiaro of Pietrasanta reserves for the initiatives of the territory, participating with the creation of specifically designed bronze fusions.

The historic Pietrasantina company has numerous collaborations to its credit: from the Viareggio Cup to the Barsanti Award and this summer there will be brand new initiatives and prestigious partnerships, such as the recent collaboration with Fondazione Villa Bertelli on the occasion of the exhibition “Burri, Morandi and other friends”.

In this framework, we also mention the sponsorship of the new Mercurio d’Argento prize, which will be held next August in Massa.

For this occasion the skilled artisans of the Foundry have created the statuette depicting the Mercury of the city’s homonymous square, which will be awarded to the winners: it is a bronze fusion, plated with a galvanic bath in sterling silver, measuring 18 cm high, 8 cm wide and 6 cm deep, on a black granite base measuring 3 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm, which will be placed inside a box / case with a three-door opening, lined in white satin.

A collaboration that is an added value for a prize in its first edition, from a company that can boast 70 years of experience in the “lost wax casting” technique.
The Fonderia d’Arte Massimo Del Chiaro, one of the most prestigious production centres for contemporary art, operates in Pietrasanta, a city famous for the artistic processing of marble and bronze.

The company gathers together and takes advantage of the experience gained by Massimo Del Chiaro in seventy years of activity in the field of works of art in bronze. During his extensive career, Del Chiaro has deepened the study of the ancient lost wax casting method (the same used by the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans) allowing him to become one of the world’s most appreciated experts.

The company, today led by Franco, Barbara and Roberto, Massimo’s children, was founded in 1980. With the growth of production and the need for more employees, Massimo Del Chiaro has expanded his foundry to satisfy all the artists’ requests, leading to the construction of a new foundry in Via delle Iare in 1985.
Conceived according to the most modern use of space, the Foundry occupies an area of 7,000 square metres, divided into large and well-equipped studios, in various workshops for the specific processing required, made available to sculptors, with all the necessary assistance; an area used as a park for relaxing or photographing the already patinated sculptures; a large square with a twelve-metre high crane for assembling works of a colossal size.

In the atelier of Via delle Iare, bronze sculptures are made of any subject and size, directly from the models provided by the clients, or statues from an idea that the artist presents with a drawing or a photograph. The company employs around thirty highly skilled employees who have been working for years with artists from all over the world.

The Del Chiaro family is constantly committed to spreading the art and the culture of artistic craftsmanship, participating in and supporting initiatives in the territory and in the region.
Some of the artists with which the company has collaborated over the course of the years: Fernandez Arman, Karol Apple, Joseph Beuys, Stanley Bleifeld, Fernando Botero, Manuel Carbonell, Augustin Cardenas, Pietro Cascella, Sandro Chia, Girolamo Ciulla, Mauro Corda, Enzo Cucchi, Gino De Dominicis, Fiore De Henriquez, Willem De Kooning, Yrjö Edelmann, Luciano Fabro, Pericle Fazzini, Novello Finotti, Barry Flanagan, Mimmo Germanà, Emilio Greco, Carlo Guarienti, Barry Johnston, Karl Hartung, Nathaniel Kaz, Bruno Liberatore, Bruno Lucchesi, Giacomo Manzù, Harry Marinsky, Francesco Martani, Igor Mitoraj, Mog, Bruce Moore, Rosario Murabito, Nall, Dashi Namdakov, Athos Ongaro, Camilo Otero, Tom Otterness, Giorgio Oykonomoy, Mimmo Paladino, Mario Parri, Giuseppe Penone, Marc Quinn, Joseph Sheppard, Ivan Theimer, Riccardo Tommasi-Ferroni, Marcello Tommasi, Charles Umlauf, Giuliano Vangi, Not Vital, Iorio Vivarelli, Cordelia von den Steinen, Luciano Zanelli.


Visit of the Eng. Gian Paolo Dallara on the occasion of award Barsanti - 29 September 2012

Gian Paolo Dallara, founder of Dallara Automobili, visited Fonderia Del Chiaro together with daughter Angelica, Andrea Toso e some of his main collaborators.


Massimo Del Chiaro L'arte del bronzo - 60 years

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Date Article Newspaper File Size
16-10-2009 Massimo Del Chiaro - L'arte del bronzo PDF 682 KB
16-10-2009 Presentazione del volume “Massimo Del Chiaro - L'Arte del Bronzo PDF 194 KB
14-10-2009 Pietrasanta: l'artista viareggino Massimo Del Chiaro presenta il volume “L'arte del bronzo” PDF 376 KB
13-10-2009 Lucca: provincia premia l'artigiano viareggino Massimo Del Chiaro PDF 162 KB
07-10-2009 Le “Idee di Pietra” di Giuseppe Penone in mostra fino al 18 ottobre PDF 288 KB
26-09-2009 Idee di Pietra - Personale di Giuseppe Penone PDF 667 KB
26-09-2009 Giuseppe Penone Idee di pietra PDF 902 KB
24-09-2009 Arte: a Pietrasanta albero bronzeo di 13 metri di Penone ANSA PDF 96 KB
04-09-2009 Nel 60° anniversario di attività di Massimo Del Chiaro, artigiano delle fusioni artistiche PDF 588 KB
03-09-2009 Giuseppe Penone a Pietrasanta. Un libro e un'istallazione per i 60 anni di attività di Massimo Del Chiaro, maestro di fusioni artistiche PDF 5572 KB
01-09-2009 Giuseppe Penone - Idee di Pietra PDF 707 KB
01-09-2009 Giuseppe Penone incorona Pietrasanta capitale mondiale della scultura PDF 159 KB
01-09-2009 Giuseppe Penone. Idee di Pietra PDF 220 KB
31-08-2009 Giuseppe Penone. Idee di Pietra nel 60° Anniversario di Attività di Massimo Del Chiaro, Artigiano delle Fusioni Artistiche PDF 366 KB
26-08-2009 Idee di Pietra PDF 195 KB
07-08-2009 Nozze di... “Bronzo” per Massimo Del Chiaro Superginko PDF 427 KB
04-08-2009 Parata d'artisti internazionali La Nazione PDF 52 KB
03-08-2009 Del Chiaro, i 60 anni della fonderia Il Tirreno PDF 318 KB
31-07-2009 Sessant'anni di amore per l'arte del bronzo La Nazione PDF 267 KB
29-07-2009 Arte: anche Botero festeggia 60 anni Fonderia Del Chiaro ANSA PDF 106 KB

Visit of the Cav. Giorgietto Giugiaro on the occasion of award Barsanti - 29 October 2011


Award Massimo Del Chiaro - Pietrasanta 17 October 2009


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