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Pietrasanta is in Tuscany, on the seaside, close to Viareggio. To arrive here from Milano, which is about 300 km away, you take the highway to Genova and then to Livorno. The number of the highway is A 12 and exits at “Versilia” which is after Genova but before Livorno. To arrive here from Roma, which is about 400 km away, you take the highway to Firenze and then to Livorno, before Livorno it is necessary to take the highway number A 12 to Genova and exit at “Versilia”. Once exited from the highway it is only necessary to follow the signs for Pietrasanta, also there are signs with the name of the foundry and the arrow for the right direction.

By air you arrive at the airport Galileo Galilei in Pisa which is only 40 km away, then it is also possible to arrive here by train which starts at the airport and goes directly to Pietrasanta.


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