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History Foundry


  • The square in front of the Tommasi Foundry at the time it was run by Del Chiaro. The ‘No title’ by Enzo Cucchi and ‘SUD’ by Mimmo Paladino can be seen in the picture

  • The Foundry in via delle Iare. From left: Emanuela, Franco, Barbara, Massimo and Roberto, 1990’s

  • The square in front of the Del Chiaro Foundry in 1987. From left: work by Jacqueline Diffring, the sculptures ‘Dancer III’, ‘Pietà’ and ‘Dancer’ by Charles Umlauf, three works that are part of the monumental group for the Square of Theatre in Luxembourg by Benedicte Weis; foreground: ‘Warrior’ and ‘Cat’
    by Fernando Botero.

  • From the left: Joseph Sheppard, Alfredo Tasso, Bruno Lucchesi, Tony Brukert, Harry Marinsky, Nina Akamu, David Jungquist, Ester Vertheimer, Barry Johnston, Giancarlo Biagi, Marcello Tommasi, Stanley Bleifeld, Nathaniel Kaz, 1980 ca

  • The Massimo Del Chiaro Foundry in via delle Iare, at Pietrasanta. Centre: the sculpture Hope for the Future by Charles Umlauf, 1985

  • The land and premises of the Foundry in via delle Iare at the time these were bought, 1984

  • Aerial view of the Foundry in via delle Iare, 2006

  • Fiore De Henriquez visiting the Del Chiaro Foundry together with the cousins of the Queen of England. From left: a friend of the artist, the British noble couple, Fiore De Henriquez, another friend of the artist and Massimo Del Chiaro, 1983

  • Massimo with his son Roberto and the actress Stefania Sandrelli (centre)

  • Ilaria Forattini, Massimo Del Chiaro (second from the left), Giorgio Forattini, Ivan Theimer. In the background, a sculpture by Ivan Theimer

  • The actor Sam Jaffe with Massimo Del Chiaro

  • Sergio Marrai, Roberto Del Chiaro (second from the left), Andrea Bocelli, Gina Lollobrigida at the Foundry, 2000

  • The sculptor Charles Umlauf with an exceptional student, the actress Farrah Fawcett, who also posed for him

  • Harry Marinsky together with Mrs. James Madden, the purchaser of the works for the Harlequin Plaza, Greenwood Village, Englewood (Colorado), in front of the plasticine enlargement of sculpture “Great Music”

  • Fiore De Henriquez’s photo with autograph dedication

  • 20 June 2001, Fiore De Henriquez with Massimo Del Chiaro in Peralta for her eightieth birthday

  • Fiore De Henriquez in Peralta

  • Carlo Guarienti while working

  • Enzo Cucchi while working

  • Not Vital

  • Enzo Cucchi, ‘No title’;
    centre, Mimmo Paladino “SUD”, patinated bronze, h cm. 600

  • Stanley Bleifeld retouching a wax sculpture

  • Joseph Sheppard, drawing dedicated to Massimo Del Chiaro on the first page of a catalogue

  • Ken Noritomo Otani visiting the Foundry with his wife.
    From the left: Franco and Massimo Del Chiaro, Ken Noritomo Otani, Roberto Del Chiaro, Noriko Otani

  • Catherine Fourniau modelling a work in plaster

  • Right: Lorenzo Garaventa in his studio in Genoa

  • Massimo Del Chiaro with Romano Cosci in the sculptor’s studio in Pietrasanta

  • Caroline Van der Merwe with Massimo Del Chiaro, in the background, some works of art by the sculptress

  • Carlo Guarienti while working

  • Antonio Vinciguerra retouching the wax of one component
    of the monument to Tuscany Interporto

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