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The Originals Models

The original copy is supplied by the customer: it may be a maquette to be enlarged; or it may already be on a 1/1 scale; it may be made in any sort of material as long as it is solid and compact; sometimes, it is even possible to convert a straightforward drawing or photo into a 3-dimensional model.
The Foundry has its own collection of classical plaster casts, the so-called ‘gipsoteca’; whenever there are lengthy and long-lasting collaborations between artists and the Foundry, the latter conserves a vast selection of sketches and original models of individual artists for a certain period of time.


  • The Foundry’s ‘gipsoteca’

    The Foundry’s ‘gipsoteca’

    A collection of plaster casts, with the Riace Bronzes, Giambologna’s ‘Mercurio volante’, ‘Ermes’ of Prassitele, Antonio Canova’s ‘Venere italica’ reflected on glass; and in the background Giuseppe Penone’s sculpture ‘Ideas of Stone’

  • Inside the Foundry

    Inside the Foundry

    Some plaster casts made by Mimmo Paladino, Eric Goulder, Mauro Corda, Carolina Van der Merwe, Giuseppe Carta, Jim Ritchie, Ivan Theimer and Ferrari’s ‘Cavallino rampante’ (Rearing Black Stallion)

  • Madonna of the Guard

    Madonna of the Guard

    Franco Repetto, ‘Madonna of the Guard’, bronze sculpture standing next to its plaster cast

  • Some models in the Foundry’s Collection of Plaster Casts

  • Charles Umlauf ‘s maquettes and original copies in storage at the Foundry

  • Camilo Otero, terracotta original copy

  • Charles Umlauf ‘s maquettes and original copies in storage at the Foundry

  • Harry Marinsky while retouching his plaster maquette of ‘The Mad Tea Party’ belonging to the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cycle.

  • Giancarlo Biagi giving final touches to his ‘Metamorphosis’ plaster cast

  • No title

    No title

    Enzo Cucchi in a stage of modelling the ‘No title’, 1984

  • Seated man on a stool, 2016

    Seated man on a stool, 2016

    Henry Sean
    Bronze, bozzetto
    300 x 190 x 155 cm
    Edition 1/3

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