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Special alloys and treatments

Patination is a process obtained from chemical reactions directly on the bronze, but there are also available other treatments:
gold-leafing when 24K pure gold-leaves are applied to the sculpture’s surface; the gilding, silver-plating and nickel-plating by immersion in a galvanic bath. With the ‘leaf’ method, platinum and palladium leaves can also be applied.
Apart from these treatments, other types of alloy can be used to obtain diverse effects: for example, aluminium and nickel silver; recently, the Foundry has perfected a new metal alloy i.e. white bronze.
The casting for these special alloys takes place by following the same procedure, illustrated above, as for bronze.


  • ‘Casket’ by Giuseppe Penone in finished gold leaf

  • Lino Lazzeri (gilder craftsman) taking a gold leaf to apply to the ‘Casket’s interior

  • Lazzeri applying the gold leaf

  • Silver-plating of Mikaberidze Vaja’s (Vazha) ‘Open Tree, Palm’ by galvanic bath immersion

  • Gilding of Mikaberidze Vaja’s (Vazha) ‘Open Tree, Palm’ by galvanic bath immersion

  • Lorenzo Dal Torrione, ‘Servants’, patinated, gold leaf bronze

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